EyeSpyFX build security camera, IoT and access control software. We work closely with Axis Communications, TYCO IS, Oncam, Glen Dimplex and many other lead camera, IoT and access control companies.

Notification Gateway Servers

Our m2m servers power machine event based notifications. Our I/O product “IPIO” provides remote control and event logs for a wide range of security camera and access control devices.

Design Excellence

We make complex systems understandable.

Hosted Video (VSaaS)

We lead in the design of apps for Video Surveillance as a service.

Custom Development

We offer custom app development and system integration services. SFX100, our proprietary library for streaming RTSP over HTTPS is optmised for Mobile applications.

Track Record

We have been making mobile technology and security systems work seamlessly together since 2002. Our apps are in daily use by thousands of security guards and business owners.

IoT appliance test software

As IoT appliances roll off the production line, they need to be tested for functional performance and christened with unique identity information. We make software that integrates with test sensors and computer vision cameras and carries out all product testing and christening operations.


Contact Us: info@eyespyfx.com

Office: (0044) 28 71867626 | Mobile: (0044) 7813780316