IPIO Keypad

IPIO Keypad is an Android Tablet application. It can be used as an alternative to a conventional keypad. IPIO Keypad is designed to be wall mounted. It works in conjunction with IPIO control boxes to allow users to remotely arm/disarm or open/close security systems. Because IPIO Keypad is an android tablet application that connects via wifi there are no wires needed to link it to the IPIO control box.

Application areas

IPIO Keypad works with any IPIO control box application. IPIO control boxes have been deployed in a wide range of domestic and industrial applications ranging from access control for gates and doors to home burglar alarms to arming/disarming video analytic security systems. IPIO Keypad can be used to upgrade and replace traditional keypads, key fobs, key switches or swipe cards.

Administrators and Users

Admins have access to all aspects of the app including logs and user/system control.

Users have access to the control screen only.


Every event is recorded by the Keypad. Logs are displayed in both the regular IPIO mobile app and on the IPIO Keypad tablet app. Managers can review the logs to understand staffing levels and to control who has access to specific areas.

Individual Pin Disarming

IPIO Keypad allows users to control up to 4 output pins on an IPIO control box. The output pins in turn are connected to the devices that are to be open/closed or armed/disarmed. Each output pin can be armed/disarmed individually or as a group. An example application of this is an office building. The IPIO control box can be connected to 4 doors throughout the office, each of these doors can be controlled from the IPIO keypad or IPIO mobile app.

Easier to Install

IPIO Keypad is an IoT device. Once the IPIO control box has been installed and set up the IPIO Keypad tablet is completely portable and can be installed anywhere.


IPIO Keypad works using an internal database that is specific to the Android tablet it is installed on. Each user has to create their own account to access the Keypad. This allows the logging feature to track which user has triggered an action and at what time. Before using IPIO Keypad user must first have access to the IPIO device on their mobile app.

Administrators have full control of users and other admins, allowing them to delete any accounts or grant/revoke admin access for other users.

[Download IPIO Keypad]

EN61000-6-3, EN50130-4, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8


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