Development and Design

EyeSpyFX is a software development and design consultancy. We primarily work on security camera and access control mobile app development projects.

Apps and Agents for Cams

We build software agents that process security system events and escalate only critical events to particular end users - on time at the right time.

Video Streaming

We have specialist knowledge in streaming video from security camera systems. Our SFX100 library for streaming RTSP over HTTPS is deployed in world leading security camera apps.

Secure things

EyeSpyFX knowledge in security camera and access control app development has led to work on a wide range of IoT projects. Our IoT work ranges from consumer facing apps to software for testing, christening and finishing IoT appliances as they roll of the production line.

Great and Small Ones and Zeros

Our work sometimes involves APIs and SDKs but also often involves the low level computing and communication protocols typical of embedded systems.

It is not simple

Our gentle design ethos seeks to make complex entities comprehensible.

ESFX Development Values:

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Contact Us:

Office: (0044) 28 71867626 | Mobile: (0044) 7813780316